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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 3 at Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville FL

Another early start as we needed to get here before anyone else in order to get on a stand by list to see the Pain Psychology department. Good news is we did make it here before anyone else, so there is a good chance we can get into see them today instead of having to wait until March!

So now we are waiting for a scheduled appointment with the Physical Medicine/Rehab department. They are going to attempt to determine or rule out any physical reasons for pain.

10:00 am - completed visit with Physical Medicine/Rehab, they have ruled out Ankylosing Spondolytis , but want to get some more X-rays to be sure. Good news is I look great in the X-ray gowns! Based on this session, they are setting me up with a session with orthopedics as they believe I have a bad case of tendinitis in both Achilles, which may be an underlying issue. I did exhibit 26 pain points on my body, placing a diagnosis of fibromyalgia squarely in sight. Only takes 8 pain points to qualify....

1:30 pm - finished for day 3. Last sessions with the psychiatric pain group. They really helped me understand the reasoning behind the pain symptoms of fibromyalgia and based no the session with the I a scheduled to come back to the Mayo clinic in 4-8 weeks for a 3 week intensive program to learn how to manage pain without medication. Program sounds WONDERFUL and has 97% success rate of patients being medication free. There will be lifestyle changes we will all incorporate at home to make a difference. The program helps you rewire your Brian so to speak to help cal the sensory overload that is taking place in my body which is manifesting itself into the chronic pain.

We meet with the Orthopedist and Rheumalogist tomorrow but don't really think they will find anything else. Good news (blessing) is that Fibromyalgia doesn't lead to other conditions or diseases. Another blessing is that I have THOROUGHLY been tested for everything under the sun and I am healthy otherwise.

Although we were hoping they would find something with an easy fix, we both know that God is in control and has a plan for all of us. My wife and I both know God intervened this week with the schedule here at Mayo, making it possible to see the all doctors we saw in this one visit and He will provide and already has provided blessings in this situation. Although this won't be an easy road, with no cure, we do understand that this experience will help mold us into the people God needs/wants us to be. We are coming home with a new sense of hope because we have a game plan. Life won't go back to the way it was, but we can move forward with the way it will need to be.

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