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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 2 at Mayo Clinic - Jacksonville, FL

6:00 am - Early start this morning, I have to be at mayo at 7:30 for stops by 4 different labs for different body fluid work-ups, then a trip to see an Endocrinologist finishing off the day with a psychiatric consultation. Not sure who needs that the most, me or my family for having to deal with me for the past 2 years.

9:00 am - 26 vials of blood lighter, we are now waiting to get into the Endocrinologist. I am excited and anxious at the same time to see what comes out of this appointment. The way they do things here at the Mayo just makes so much common sense, it makes you wonder why other facilities do not operate this same or similar way. So much more efficient to have DRs of differ specialties under one scheduling and management system, not too mention the same building.

12:30 - appointment with endocrinologist is over ruled it a few other possibles, but left with "do not see anything wrong here that could be causing your symptoms". Which is good and bad. Grabbed a ham panini and blueberry scone from the cafeteria, both surprisingly good considering it is hospital food. Endocrinologist is still waiting on results from a few of the labs that were done this morning but she was not "expecting" to see anything abnormal when they come in.

2:30 - finished final visit of the day was with a psychiatrist, was very helpful session, to let me know Iowa not going crazy, my pain was real and to help setup some possible non medicine treatments to manage pain. Also is going I work up and recommend changing some of current meds I am n for fibromyalgia and suggest I taper off of pain meds.

Long day but good day, going to crash and start over again tomorrow.

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