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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 1 at Mayo Clinic - Jacksonville, FL

After two years of seeing multiple specialist, I am finally at the Mayo Clinic ready for my initial visit and evaluation. I am honestly hoping for a miracle, to either have a finite diagnosis and treatment plan or at least to get provided with a pain management plan that can effectively relieve the constant pain I have been experiencing all over my body for the past two years.

I have been preliminarily diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondolytis and Fibromyalgia, but so far none of the standard treatments for those diseases have been effective.

To date, I have seen the following specialist;

General Internist
Infectious Disease Specialist

In an attempt to get answers and relief... The Mayo Clinic comes with a reputation for solving the unsolvable medical cases, so my hopes are high, hopefully not too high.

Not sure what to expect here from Day 1, or even how long I will need to stay for this initial visit, but I will keep very one updated as the days progress.

10:50 am - made it through initial check in process, now waiting to be called back in to meet with general intern dr.

12:22 - completed initial physical exam and interviews, now waiting to find out appointment times with recommended specialist, blood work, etc. hoping to be able to get into most specialist the next few days. They also provide the ability to go standby form each specialist, which will involve a lot of waiting and no guarantee to see the DR n that day. basically a first come first serve scenario hoping for a cancelation or unexpected opening in the DRs schedule.

3:30 - after some X-rays,and a stop by one of them "labs" for some bodily fluid work-up, the first day came to a close. We made it bc lot the hotel room, where I crashed for about 3 hours, before waking up I eat then going back to bed.

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