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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

>> Google << Please buy GANTTER !

Google Apps is a game changer for many small, medium and large enterprises. the ability to rid yourself of application installations and updates.

[Disclaimer - I nor NovoLogic is affiliated in anyway with and we are a certified reseller of Google Apps for business, and are a certified Microsoft Partner]

The debate will rage on whether or not Google Apps, Microsoft Office365, or some other player winds up dominating this space, but clearly Google Apps has a major head start on all competitors when it comes to a very integrated set of content creation, collaboration and scheduling tools.

A major component that has been missing from this toolset is project planning.  For very small shops, you can get by with using the Google Spreadsheets for planning out small projects.  But as you get larger or if you are responsible for planning/managing projects for larger clients like we do at NovoLogic, then something a little more sophisticated than a spreadsheet will be needed.

That's where comes in. 

Everyone that has managed any kind of larger project is familiar with the defacto industry standard, MS Project. Gantter, is a SaaS model, free to use Social Generation Tool, that is a very good replacement for MS Project.

It is lacking many "enterprise" features of MS Project, but we have found that those missing features are only needed on the absolute largest of enterprise projects. At this time, Gantter doesn’t support a project baseline, which makes variance analysis and detailed task tracking difficult to perform, but at NovoLogic, we do this type of thing in ActiveCollab which provides our Time Tracking and Invoicing platform.

Now to the Title of this Post >> Google  << Please buy GANTTER ! Gantter is the perfect level of functionality in a project planning tool that falls in line with Google's mission of providing easy and usable tools that support 80% of what workers need. It's interface is very much in line with Google's simple is better mindset.

Gantter does provide some integration with Google Apps via Google Drive add-on, but this integration is clunky at best.  what is really need is a more realtime collaborative approach where more than one person can work on a project plan at the same time and communicate via in document chats like Google spreadsheets, or via comments like Google documents.

So Google if your listening, and I know you are :-) , please consider putting these guys on your acquisition list or at least work with the guys to help them more seamlessly integrate in with Google Apps.  With this addition you would have a serious MS Product Suite Killer on your hands.

Looking for robust but not overly complex project planning tool? Go take a serious look at Gantter, why not? it's free!

If you need help with Gantter, ActiveCollab, or Google Apps, contact us and someone from our SMB team will be glad to determine how we can help.

Watch Demo of Gantter in action 

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