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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Brookwood vs Grayson - High School Rivalry done the right way

Many high school rivalries can get out of hand, and you see in the news all the time kids and parents displaying less than model behavior. So it is very refreshing to see two high schools in Gwinnett County that are having some good ole clean fun with each other in what is really a big time rivalry. Grayson High School and Brookwood High School are two 5A schools that are less than 10 miles apart, and both have excellent athletic programs, academic achievements and some incredibly talented and gifted students.

Those students have recently showed off their talents off the field by creating some fun, entertaining, and honestly very well done videos that poke fun at one another. Their fun is not made at anyone's expense but rather in a good humor and upstanding way.

Thank you Brookwood and Grayson Students for setting yet another good example for our community. You guys have illustrated the concept of competing with vs. competing against.  Go hard on the field, but always respect your opponent. My hats off to all of you....

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