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Monday, July 18, 2011

19 most hated companies

The ACSI rates companies based on thousands of consumer satisfaction surveys. The most-hated include large banks, airlines, power and telecom companies.
"These are not terribly competitive industries, as the switching barriers for most of them are quite high," ACSI's David VanAmburg told us. "In other industries, like the food or clothing sector, the competition is huge. They bend over backwards to make customers happy, because they have to."

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So why do these companies struggle with their customer satisfaction?  most likely it is leadership, and I am talking about leadership in the top ranks, though those leaders are ultimately responsible, it is most likely leadership at the lowest levels in the organization.  If there were strong leadership in the lowest levels, no customer would ever walk away thinking the company was bad or had treated them unfairly.

Sure someone may have a bad experience with a company, as no person or company is infallible. However; at the end of the day no matter what bad experience they may have had, they would understand the company and the people within the company cared about them and did everything (reasonable or not) to make sure the situation was put right as possible.  Then the consumer would only be frustrated by the situation and not the company. And that can only happen with true leadership being exerted at the lowest levels within the organization.


  1. Pepco - Satisfaction rating: 54/100
  2. Delta - Satisfaction rating: 56/100
  3. Time Warner Cable - Satisfaction rating: 59/100
  4. Comcast - Satisfaction rating: 59/100
  5. Charter Communications - Satisfaction rating: 59/100
  6. US Airways - Satisfaction rating: 61/100
  7. United Airlines - Satisfaction rating: 61/100
  8. American Airlines - Satisfaction rating: 63/100
  9. MySpace - Satisfaction rating: 63/100
  10. Facebook - Satisfaction rating: 64/100
  11. UnitedHealth - Satisfaction rating: 65/100
  12. Long Island Power Authority - Satisfaction rating: 65/100
  13. LA Department of Water & Power - Satisfaction rating: 66/100
  14. AT&T Mobility - Satisfaction rating: 66/100
  15. JPMorgan Chase - Satisfaction rating: 67/100
  16. Pacific Gas and Electric - Satisfaction rating: 67/100
  17. Cox Communications - Satisfaction rating: 67/100
  18. Dish Network - Satisfaction rating: 67/100
  19. Bank Of America - Satisfaction rating: 68/100

How do you feel about these companies, and what would you like them to do differently?

1 comment:

Nicole_Tee said...

You make a valid point but these results are surprising, especially for those that are patrons and subscribers of the “most” hated. Because of this and because I’m an employee and long time subscriber of DISH Network these results don’t sit well with me. I’ve done further research to get a well rounded comparison of just TV providers (since they take up a lot of the list). gives a distinct matchup of how the US rates all the major TV providers and these results are much more believable.