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Friday, June 10, 2011

Five Reasons for Using Spanish to Reach Hispanics Online

by Lee Vann / Captura group
The release of the 2010 Census has re-ignited the debate about which language is best for reaching US Hispanics. With US born Hispanics now outnumbering foreign born Hispanics, the voices of proponents of using English are growing louder. Where do I stand in this debate, well it’s quite simple: Figure out the language preference of your target audience and use that language, be it English or Spanish.
When it comes to the Hispanic online market, most studies indicate that half of the 31 million Hispanics online prefer English while the other half prefers Spanish or are bilingual. Using common sense and some quantitative data from comScore, I came up with 5 reasons for using Spanish to reach online Hispanics.
  1. Strong Market Dynamics
  2. Less Competition
  3. Favorable Demographics
  4. Low Expectations 
  5. Using English is More Challenging

NovoLogic is well versed in helping our clients create websites that allow users to experience the site in their native language of choice.

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