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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Outstanding Benefits of Gmail and Google Apps for Business

With the rapid adoption of Google Apps comes an interesting phenomenon that is only now coming to light as such a remarkable testament to the value of Gmail for business. Despite tens of millions of new business and consumer users and literally dozens of technological innovations, Gmail has managed to maintain an incredible rate of reliability. In fact, Google Apps doesn't even have the so-called "maintenance windows" as part of its service level agreements, mostly because it just doesn't need them.

  • ~ 7 minutes of downtime/month
  • Gmail is 32X more reliable than the average on premise email system 
  • and 46X more reliable than Microsoft Exchange.
  • No scheduled maintenance downtime at all
Google runs their own business on Gmail and Google Apps, so if it is down, it is down for them, making them very motivated to make sure it is running.

Wow, right? But how'd they do that?

Take a Video Tour of a Google Data Center

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