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Thursday, April 07, 2011

The healthy side of the business, versus the smart side.

Taken from an email newsletter by Dean Harbry

Team Contracts. Employees who are good at results, but not good at relationships are rarely helpful to teams, and therefore, the enterprise. Of course, the reverse is true as well. To become a great organization both of these competencies must be taught, documented, and developed. And, without some system or process to reinforce the principles, teams will naturally devolve into base human behaviors. It can get ugly. Typically, job descriptions convey expectations of results, but what about relational standards? Team contracts are the place where we discern then codify the relationship needs of the organization, and at every level. They constitute the “rules of the road” that define our corporate culture. Pat Lencioni calls it, “The healthy side of the business, versus the smart side.” Team contracts create clarity about the hierarchy as well as collaboration needs, and, when enforced, create some of the happiest and most productive employees. Coaching questions: How well defined is your corporate culture? Is it really being enforced? How good is employee morale, since this is one of the best indicators of your culture? Write your answers in your journal.

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P.S. My recent article, Dealing with Silos addresses this issue in more detail. 

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