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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Burden of Delegating

From Dean Harby's weekly newsletter, 

Delegation. We all know we should delegate more, but we’ve all been burned in the process. We are familiar with the pattern—you give it to someone else, panic when things go wrong, and then take it all back. The last situation becomes worse than the first. So how can you get the time and relief you need, but in a lasting way? 

First, we must see delegation for what it actually is—people development—rather than a quick solution to get more work off our plates. Eventually you’ll have the time margin you seek, but not until the process of proper delegation is addressed.

Delegation is, in essence, developing your thinking in direct reports. The key is to push the thinking down along with the tasks, with just the right amount of “insurance” attached. 

Bill Oncken’sFreedom Scale provides a system for the effective use of delegation. 

Coaching questions: How effective are you at delegation? What steps can you take to create an environment where delegation works? 

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