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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Engagement: ‘Soft Stuff With Hard Results’

Engagement is a hot topic recently and rightly so. I just spent 8 wonderful days with one of the best companies on the planet, literally one of the best companies on the planet... Chick-fil-A. they have less than a 10% turnover rare in what is effectively their front line manager position, the Operator. They do not just have customers they have Raving Fans, and they are operating a growing company with virtually no long term debt.

The time I spent with them was having our company support them for their Annual Operator Seminar, over 3000 people converged on San Antonio to celebrate success, connect with peers, and to engage in learning and development sessions. During this time there were literally thousands of support personnel required to pull of this event. And even in a great company like this, I witnessed employees, contractors and vendor personnel who were not fully engaged. They probably thought they were, because if asked they jumped as high as needed. They were all incredibly polite and friendly, despite the high stress levels that go along with such a massive event in such a short time period, that carries huge influence on the upcoming years performance of this organization.

This article Engagement: ‘Soft Stuff With Hard Results’ by Mike Prokopeak, helps outline some things managers or companies can do to help foster engagement. I wonder if there is any way to teach or motivate true engagement by people or are people simply born to engage, while others are born to simply exist?
what are your thoughts?

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