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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Android Mobile Phones on the verge of overtaking iPhones

As Android Surges, Smartphone Market Heats Up
Published on January 6, 2011

Android Gaining Among Newcomers
Among those who purchased a smartphone in the previous six months, 40.8% purchased the Android OS, up 3.2 points from the previous month, and up 13.3 points from 27.5% in June.
Apple followed with 26.9% of recent smartphone purchases, down 6.0 points from June, while 19.2% of new buyers chose the RIM BlackBerry, down 18.8 points from six months earlier.
All three leading mobile players, however, are benefiting from strong demand for smartphones: In November, 43% of recent acquirers bought a smartphone over a feature phone, underscoring how much room remains in market overall.

So are you an iPhone or a Droid?  

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