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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Servant Leadership at Chick-fil-A

One of the best things about the clients we work with is how much we are able to learn from them while we are serving them.

This is an excerpt from some content on a leadership development Portal we developed. the excerpt is from a communication from Dan Cathy, President of Chick-fil-A.

In their best-selling book, The Secret: What Great Leaders Know—And Do, authors Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller make the point that “True leadership has nothing to do with one’s level in the organization.”

As Truett Cathy says, leadership starts with the desire to serve others instead of serving oneself. This is a key component of Chick-fil-A’s philosophy, but it’s important to remember that leaders serve more than just customers.

Successful servant leaders listen to their team members and organization to find out their needs, so everyone can grow and perform better together. For servant leaders, listening is more than just hearing. It is also a willingness to be influenced by those they serve.

Servant leaders also understand the importance of identifying, clarifying and embodying the organization’s vision. They engage their team members and help them understand how reaching that vision benefits them, too. For servant leaders, engagement is more than just communication. It also means caring about team members on a personal and professional level.

Servant leaders see leadership as a continuous journey and constantly ask themselves, “Am I a serving leader or a self-serving leader?” They know that to better serve others, they have to be better themselves, too.

As Blanchard and Miller write, “Great leaders don’t become great in a moment —they become great leaders one day at a time throughout their lifetimes.”

Continue your leadership journey today. Explore the Servant Leadership section and find resources to enhance your leadership skills.

As you become more intentional about planning your personal Leadership Journey, the greatest leaders are Servant Leaders… Great Leaders SERVE!

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