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Monday, November 01, 2010

Relevant Conversations

At NovoLogic, we have been focused on helping companies, business leadership, etc. create more personally relevant conversations with their clients, personnel and business partners. we have known for a long time in order to make your voice heard above the 24x7x365 noise that fills our TV, RADIO, EMAIL, BROWSERS, PHONEs, etc. your communication has to be personally relevant to ME.

We have been helping companies make their on-line learning, customer websites, newsletters, email campaigns, you name it, more personally relevant to the person consuming that message.

This is a Brilliant new example of how new technologies are making personalized experiences.

Just press play on Arcade Fire's new web music video, "The Wilderness Downtown," and you'll know that you're seeing a glimpse of the future of entertainment. Utilizing cutting-edge internet technology, the Montreal-based rock band, along with director Chris Milk and partners at Google, have created an interactive media experience.

Type in your childhood address, and a custom-generated music video is created featuring images of your childhood home and neighborhood, pulled from Google Maps and Street View.

"You do get a little bit of the feeling of, 'Wow, I felt a little bit like I was there again,'" said Andy Berndt, vice president of Google's creative lab.

"The Wilderness Downtown" relies on HTML5 technology, a new web development standard that allows programmers to use web browsers in a whole new way. Windows pop open and closed in a choreographed fashion, and video, graphics, and text can be combined in real-time.

Our bet is that because of the personalization and use of personally relevant connections, you will find this communication very memorable and pleasing.

after you put in the address of a place where you grew up, put in the place you work and see how the experiencing changes.

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