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Thursday, November 18, 2010

10 Bad Ideas That Can Destroy Your Company

Dave Logan wrote a nice article on that takes a good look at the things companies usually do, but should not do, if they want to be successful.

  1. Force Everyone in the company to by your values (except for a few prima donnas who bring in most of the revenue).
  2. Great companies are built to last. (In reality, companies work to last).
  3. When times are tough, the company should temporarily suspend training and development.
  4. The main purpose of the company is to earn a profit, or conversely, the purpose of the company is to do good in the world.
  5. Management is the key to high performance
  6. Just follow the recommendations of the latest management books.
  7. Incentivize people to boost performance.
  8. Streamline operations to make the company more competitive.
  9. Just create a new strategy, and employees will feel empowered to implement it.
  10. Companies need to focus on doing what made them successful in the first place.

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