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Monday, October 25, 2010

Strategic Human Resource Planning Practice

We are excited to add Julie Farschman, PHR to our NovoLogic Team. Julie will be hading up a new Practice within NovoLogic. Her expertise and experience in developing HR Strategic Plans, Leadership and Team Coaching, Instructional Design and Meeting and Strategic Planning Facilitation will be a huge asset to our current and future clients.

As a Practice Leader for NovoLogic, Julie will be responsible for developing and maintaining the long term trusted relationships with the clients her practice will be serving. Having held positions as the Director of Sales and Director of Human Resources, has allowed Julie to develop a unique sense and balance between "business and human relations", something that tends to be at odds with each other in most larger organizations.

Julie is also tireless volunteer, working with organizations such as Vistage international, SHRM, and working with several ministries within her church (Job Search and Cancer Ministries).

We welcome Julie to our Team and look forward to seeing her grow her practice and providing the unmatched SERVICE to our clients that NovoLogic has become known for.

If your organization is looking for assistance with
  • Strategic Human Resource Planning
  • Developing an Employee Engagement Blueprint
  • Employee Training and Team-building, or
  • Leadership Development and Coaching
give us a shout and Julie will be glad to set up a time to discuss if her practice can be of SERVICE to yours.

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