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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Personal Accountability

At the end of the book, John Millers book, QBQ (question behind the question) he provides “a great list of lousy questions most of us usually ask,” along with a QBQ or two that he suggests will help you move toward your life and career success. Check them out…

Lousy Customer Service Questions

• When will shipping start getting orders out on time?
• Why do our customers expect so much of us?
• When don’t customers follow the instructions?

Customer Service QBQ

• How can I best serve our customers?

Lousy Sales Questions

• Why are our prices so high?
• When will our products become more competitive?
• Why won’t customers call me back?
• When will marketing give us better sales aids?
• Why can’t manufacturing make what we sell?

Sales QBQs

• What can I do today to become a more effective sales person?
• How can I add value for my customers?

Lousy Marketing Questions

• When will salespeople deliver our programs?
• Why won’t salespeople take the time to learn our new products?

Marketing QBQs

• What can I do to understand sales rep’s issues and concerns?
• How can I learn more about what our customers want and need?

Manufacturing Questions

• Why can’t salespeople stay within our capabilities?
• When will they learn to sell according to our specifications?

Manufacturing QBQ

• How can I better understand the challenges our salespeople face?

Lousy Individual Contributor Questions

• Why do we have to go through all this change?
• When will I get the training I need?
• Why don’t I get paid more?
• Who is going to clarify my role and responsibilities?
• When is management going to get their act together?
• Who will set our vision?

Individual Contributor QBQs

• What can I do to be more productive?
• How can I adapt to our changing environment?
• What can I do to develop myself?

Lousy Management and Leadership Questions

• Why doesn’t the younger generation want to work hard?
• When am I going to find god people?
• Why aren’t my people motivated?
• Who made that mistake?
• Why don’t people come in on time?
• Who dropped the ball?
• When are they going to catch the vision?
• Who will care as much as I do?
• When will the market turn around?
• Who do I have to do everything myself?

Management and Leadership QBQs

• How can I be a more effective coach?
• What can I do to better understand each person on my team?
• How can I be a better leader?
• What can I do to show I care?
• How can I communicate better?
• How can I do a better job of delegating?

Questions behind the question focus on what YOU can do to solve problems and handle difficulties. They begin with the words “how” and “what”. They contain the word “I;” and they focus on action.

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John G. Miller said...

Thanks much! We love QBQ! too. Good common sense is also found in my other two books, Flipping the Switch and Outstanding! John G. Miller,,