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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Products are consumed, services are experienced.

It is a common experience that a two minute wait can feel like nothing at all, or can feel like ‘forever’. We must learn to influence how the customer feels about a given length of waiting time.

S = P – E.

In this formulation, ‘S’ stands for satisfaction, ‘P’ for perception and ‘E’ for expectation. If you expect a certain level of service, and perceive the service reviewed to be higher, you are a satisfied client. If you perceive the same level as before, but expected higher, you are disappointed and, consequently, a dissatisfied client.

  • Anxiety Makes Waits Seem Longer.
  • Uncertain Waits Are Longer than Known, Finite Waits
  • Unexplained Waits Are Longer than Explained Waits
  • Unfair Waits Are Longer than Equitable Waits
  • The More Valuable the Service, the Longer the Customer Will Wait
  • Solo Waits Feel Longer than Group Waits

How does your customer service, consulting, or project management, contribute to helping create a Great Experience for your clients and customers?

read this article here: The Psychology of Waiting Lines by David Maister 1985

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