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Monday, August 17, 2009

Cloud Hero - Use Google as your backup service

Use Google Docs and Picasa accounts for your file backup service for free (almost anyway)

this software (only 10 bucks) allows you to create virtual drive and drag and drop files ( Ms Office, images, etc) to a shared drive which is actually a google docs and picasa account(s). It also has the ability to sycn automatically between designated folders and google on a 15 minute increment.

Cloud Hero is a small application which you load on your PC. It creates a new drive on your system called a VIRTUAL DRIVE. Anything you drag into this drive is sent up to your different cloud accounts. These cloud accounts can be any number of different clouds like Google for office documents to Picasa for all your images.

Cloud Hero also takes all you’re dropped in files to the virtual drive and sorts them and sends the files up to the appropriate cloud service. For example all your office documents (Word, Excel, Power Point) will be pushed up automatically to the Google Docs cloud including your PDF's. Cloud Hero then pushes up all your image type files up to Google's Picasa cloud storage.

Cloud Hero also monitors all file activity on your cloud account and on the PC. So if you modify a file in your Google Docs, Cloud Hero on the PC recognizes this change and will show the modified cloud file in your Cloud Hero virtual drive. So your Cloud and your PC's Cloud Hero's virtual drive are always in sync.

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