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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Augmented Reality (AR)

I remember in the late-late nineties, being introduced to Flash - and thinking it was kinda cool, but didnt really see how it would thrive on the internet. Maybe a year or so later, I was re-introduced, and was blown away by its possibilities - but again, thought about it limitations as a proprietary format. And not much after that, realizing that flash was here to stay - and would soon be "THE format" to jump the internet into the next level. I am reminded of that, because today, I feel the same way about augmented reality.

According to Wikipedia “augmented reality” as “the combination of real-world and computer-generated data (virtual reality), where computer graphics objects are blended into real footage in real time.”

Gartner’s top 10 disruptive technologies 2008-2012:
* Multicore and hybrid processors
* Virtualisation and fabric computing
* Social networks and social software
* Cloud computing and cloud/Web platforms
* Web mashups
* User Interface
* Ubiquitous computing
* Contextual computing
* Augmented reality
* Semantics

Here are some of my thoughts on an ideal unit:
Some tabs or dropdown topics to consider for the software: copyrights, history tab (comments, videos, images, etc.)(music/art created nearby, contains legal records of crimes), local friends (on/off/settings), topical street/area info (speed limit, altimeter), realty/$, ads (user could be paid to keep this on)(advertising - ratings, comments), favorite(s), photo/video/audio (w/t video zoom, picture in picture in picture = user could be watching a video, and be able to see video from the front and back of the video - all at the same time), alerts (weather, tsunami, etc.), and sync/send.
My ideal equipment would have: (open format (multi-boot?) OS = chrome/android/linux), multi-touch, gps, bluetooth, infrared, wifi, ethernet, 2 usb (recharge unit via usb), 2 firewire, card reader, simcard slot (no contract needed, 4g capable), mic jack, headphone jack, (night vision/infrared?) HD video camera (w/lens adapters) on front and back (user can toggle btwn either or both), mic, speakers, SSD, removable (rubber?)protection around entire unit that protects it from 10ft drop(waterproof?), 2 replaceable batteries (so un or it does not have to turn off), (optional - built in stand for desk view, snap-on suction cups for mounting in car/windows, user is able to velcro around wrist, able to be snapped or hung), modular - so that all equipment can be replaced (easily - hopefully)

Sure all these things dont have to be in version 1 of the device, but it sure would be nice if it was modular enough so the user could add-in hardware that is developed later - into the version 1 unit.

-Is Apple's forthcoming tablet going to be anywhere close to my description? Probably not.
- Who is going to develop/govern the common rules/standards around augmented reality?
- Who wants to race - to help produce this piece of equipment? Or has this already been released? Venture Capitalists?

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