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Monday, February 16, 2009

Twitter for Business

A few of us at NovoLogic have been looking into ways for us to use Twitter for business. like possible doing consumer research, updating clients, performing quick polls, PR, networking, etc.

If you are looking into how to use twitter for business uses, here are some articles we have come across that might help.

14 Great Reads About Twitter for Business Use:
  1. Guide to Twitter for Business: By Shara Karasic,
  2. Top 8 Twitter Tips for Business: By Ellen Petry Leanse
  3. Question To Consider Before Using Twitter for Business: By Twitter Maven
  4. Why Twitter Matters: By Stephen Baker, Businessweek
  5. Tweeting for Companies 101: By Tara Hunt
  6. How To Listen for Opportunities on Twitter: By Chris Brogan
  7. The Evolution of Brands on Twitter: By Jeremiah Owyang
  8. Why Brands Are Unsuccessful on Twitter By Jeremiah Owyang
  9. Is it Time for Corporations to Get a Twitter Presence?: By Valeria Maltoni
  10. Ultimate Guide to Twitter Tools and Resources for Journalists: By New Media Bytes
  11. Twitter for Business Reading List: By Pistachio Consulting
  12. The True Meaning of Twitter: Fortune Magazine, August 2008
  13. How Tweet It Is: Clay Shirky and Bob Garfield
  14. Huge Twitter Resource Page:

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