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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

my links of the week

>> $100 Linux Wall-Wart (server) Now Available?
>> UPDATE: more info here

>> (too big for twitter, and too small for a blog)- like

>> track whats being copied from your site

>> - free 2GB storage/bandwith per mo.
$10mo for 25GB/200GB bandwidth
>> collaborative mind mapping

this is a new and refreshing approach to presentations:
>> zooming/rotating editor for stunning presentations

>> demo live cinematic effects with pixel bender explorer

>> JavaScript AIR Samples Updated (and More)

>> Innovid Launches New Form Of Video Advertising: The Clickable Canvas

>> why arent conversations more portable?

>> Posting and Pulling Comments From FriendFeed

>> YousableTubeFix
>> Download YouTube Videos as MP4
>> Linkify ting
>> Remove All Facebook Ads
>> or just view my favorites here

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