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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Flash Catalyst, Flex & more...

Something that may help us to speed up development is Flash Catalyst. This application promises to enable someone to design a wesbite in flash, create a working version, and pass it off (with flex code included) to a developer -without coding. This video shows an example of this. Questions are - how good/sloppy is the code it generates? And would this be a better choice/faster than joomla/drupal development? And how soon will this product be released?
>> Design & development demos here
>> Adobe Catalyst application screenshots here

>> Rombla: a powerful, online, WYSIWYG Flash-site builder

>> Google Analytics within Flex/Flash Applications

>> Creating your own Side bar "widget" using SpryDOMUtils and SpryEffects! Part 1

>> Open screen project: single experience, multiple devices

>> Degrafa is a declaritive graphics framework (opensource) compatible with Flex 2/3

>> The Kap Lab: Playing with free Flex components

Here's a nice article on Flex usage and organization. It discusses the importance of consistent naming practices, storage practices etc. Most of these things we are doing but it is something we should read and make changes where we see fit. Part 01 | Part 02

>> I cant stop playing with AT&T's Text-to-Speech demo. It even does a rough translation to French?!? Could we use this for some parts of our courseware?

>> Pomegranate Phone - A new phone with voice Translation, a projector, coffee maker, shaver, harmonica??? Nope, this is an ad for Novia Scotia.

>> This tool 'Trackle' Feeds You Personalized RSS (USA oriented)

>> CNET/WEBWARE - The 100 top Web apps for 2008

>> Cocomo - build real-time social apps - fast

Another free website builder - requires no technical skills
>> Feb 2009 article from TechCrunch

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