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Monday, January 26, 2009

FYI - List of must-have modules for Drupal

  • Pathauto: This module basically let you manage how you want to automatically create URL based on the content. Let’s say we have 3 content types on our website: Blog post, links or page. With this module you can set it so that every blog post you create will have the URL or even Also you can make all single pages be This module is a must if you want to auto create friendly URLs
  • Views: This is pretty much needed on every medium to large website. It let you create lists of content based on many options. Let’s say you want the front page to list only blog posts not pages, you can do this with Views, maybe display a table with only Links content, etc.
  • CCK: or Content Construction Kit. Let me explain this, in Drupal you can have multiple content types, say Blog Entry, Page Entry, Link Entry. Each one of them has a Title, Body and it’s own metadata. With CCK you can add custom fields per content type. Let’s say you want your Blog entry to have a Source field (url where you stole the article hehe) or a select list with the mood you were when you created the entry. The good part of CCK comes when you mix the ability of creating custom content types with it. Now you can make a ‘Store’ content type. You will have a title and body by default (the body can be disabled) and with CCK you can add different fields like: Phone number, address, hours of operation, etc.
  • FileField: This is just a custom field for CCK that let’s you create (you guess it) file fields, so now you can add a PDF file to your Store content type.
  • Imagefield: It requires Filefield (which requires CCK). This module will let you add images to nodes.
  • Imagecache: Will create modifications of the images you upload with imagefield. You can configure so every image you upload with imagefield will create a thumbnail and a fullsize based on crop, resize, etc.
  • Admin Menu: Maybe this is the first thing I install after setting up the site. It’s just that Drupal has so many sub pages that having this menu makes administrating much faster. Here you can see a working demonstration.
  • Webform: This is the best module for creating contact forms, questionnaires, requests, etc. You can create forms with select boxes, radios, text areas, etc. And the best is that it’s aimed for end users so everyone can create a simple form with it. It creates very good reports too.
  • Lightbox2: Because it does the job. If you don’t know what lightbox is, here you can see a demonstration.

Original list compiled by: Ivan Soto

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